Recycled materials instead of ghost nets

In 2010, the United States and Europe produced around 15 million tons of waste within their textile production chains. This vast quantity of waste contained approximately 1 million tons of nylon. At the same time each year approx. six million tons of plastic wasten end up in the seas. An essential element within are ghost nets – abandoned fishing nets which have been thrown in the ocean or got lost. These fishing nets remain adrift for a substantial amount of time and are responsible for the accidental capture of whales, turtles, birds and other animals. In Europe  ca. 25,000 nets and net parts get lost in the sea every year. Like other plastic waste they decompose only very slowly.


Instead of ghost nets harming the ecosystem, the abandoned fishing nets are reclaimed by Aquafil S.p.A. and processed to Econyl® yarn. In a complex regeneration process the Nylon is recovered to ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated Nylon yarn, with the same purity and performance characteristics as virgin quality nylon which can be endlessly regenerated. ECONYL® products preserve non-renewable resources avoiding the extraction of crude oil for the production of the yarn. The production ECONYL® also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Fair working conditions

Fast and cheap, this is how the sportswear industry is characterized. Sportswear is produced primarily in the countries from the south, in congested and overcrowded factories, often inhumane conditions. Workers cannot live on their wages, despite long working hours. We stand up against that!
Fitico Sportswear ensures fair wages and humane working conditions. We guarantee that there are no sweatshops and no child labor behind our clothes. We produce exclusively in Europe. That also helps us keeping our transportation routes short.

Sustainability – from design to product

In all we do, sustainability is our top priority. Already in the design phase we think about how the product life cycle will look like. All our products can be unraveled into their parts and regenerated. Because of our understated colors and basic design all our garments are versatile and can be longer in use. We also emphasize sustainability in our marketing, packaging and shipping activities. All our hang tags, flyers and printed materials are printed ecologically and eco-friendly. Our shipping is clima-neutral.